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Having That Dream Again by ursulav Having That Dream Again by ursulav
Every now and again, usually while I'm dozing off, an image will be dropped, with chilly clarity, directly into my brain. Often it's not something I'd paint under normal circumstances, but once one of them shows up, I HAVE to paint it, or it starts stomping around my brain, poking the pink bits and chewing on my ear. A friend of mine calls these the "sacrifice to the Muse"--most of the time She lets me paint whatever banal illustration or weird little comics I want, and in return, I will drop everything and paint these suckers on demand. Even if it's a weird Victorian-collared wasp creature and a bunch of fetus-bearing grapes. (For the record, this has nothing to do with abortion or stem cell research--I'm all for both, so lemmee nip any possible misinterpretation in the bud.)
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count-her-culture Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Gah! I hate wasps. Seeing this gave me such a visceral reaction. *shudders* Um. Very effective.
Abraxas-within Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this. It's so random and beautiful. I love your disturbed mind.
RebeccaTripp Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I remember you! I used to visit your page regularly on Elfwood!
BrittaM Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
This is a really cool painting. I can totally understand what you mean by the "sacrifice to the Muse", I think all artists, to some degree, have these kind of things every once in awhile. An image that comes from nowhere and says PAINT ME. No context, no meaning, and people can fight over what interpretation to give it, but there it is.

For my part, I just see it as a painting of an aristocratic-looking wasp on a bunch of grapes with fetuses in them, but I can also see about a million different interpretations as to what's going on symbolically. However, I despise symbolism myself, and sometimes a pile of fetus-grapes is just a pile of fetus-grapes.
MarkShifrin Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010
You have some cool ideas, even if it's in your sleep.
Oh and you have some disturbing mind.
pCubensiS Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2008
cheziah Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
hahaha... did you ever think of another interpretation? WASP... also stands for, in some of my literature classes at least... white american suberb people. i think. or something like that. but still. and they have lots of kids? hahaha. just kidding.

man, Ursula. I have hearted your stuff for the longest time. (!) i am trying to convince my boyfriend we need to buy a ton of your prints for our apartment.
yingoyango Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007
I'm never eating grapes again...
pro-mole Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
That's the kind of thing I always wanted to paint, but I'd never be able to! Not that I don't like it, I've still gotta scan and upload my "The world awaits you, darling", but the only problem is... time. Time kills all, including wasp-queens and womb-grapes.

...I should really get back to poetry...
graceia Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Wow. Your muse must be quite happy with your random painting efforts. lol I am. I just love that!! *skips away humming "fairies fairies fairies...."*
LazyJenny Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007
I knew it! I knew I recognized your style from somewhere! I remember seeing you on Elfwood, and I remember this picture totally catching my eye. I think I even used to have a link to your gallery from mine. :)
Schatten-Drache Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's amazing! I'm glaad that it isn't longer in your brain, and i can see it!
RachelAngelica Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
Wow, that's gross. I freakin' love it.
LazyJim Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2006
Hilarious! :)
eccies Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2006
thats really good,ur an excellent digital artist,keep up the good work. i like the writing on the small wall that the grapes are laid upon
Zirtavia Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
Y'know, I've been familiar with this piece of yours for a very long time, and it just struck me how much I like it :D...the colors are wonderfully harmonious, the variety of textures is really appealing, and there's a close-up of that wonderful graffitied concrete of yours that I love so much. And the concept, whatever it is, is just so cryptic and bizarre. Is the wasp protecting them, are they her eggs or is she a guardian of them? Or is she about to eat them, or bring them back to her own baby waspies? I know you probably have no idea yourself, so I'll keep speculating. I've been looking for one of your things to add to my favorites, and I think I'll go with this one for now. Thanks for your wonderful artistry! :+favlove:
thomcomstock Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How can I critique your work. You truly humble me. I so admire your work. I followed someone else's favorite (this very piece) and found that I had admired your Gallery before. I would like to comment upon every single painting of yours, but alas, I would be here all year. Your work is truly awe inspiring. Thank you for gifting all of us with your talent.
ravenspade Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2005   Digital Artist
This may be the most revolting, but intriugingly fascinating pieces I've ever seen!

Splendid work!
dolleee Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
the grapes looks beautiful!
i love the colors..
CraigInATin Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2005
Man I love this. Great concept, Brilliant painting. Masterwork.

Now I do mean that, but could I use it as part of an art project (draw/analyse it) about surealism?
ursulav Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
Sure, feel free!
CraigInATin Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005
Thanks I'll enjoy trying to replicate it. I've also saved the Bad egg picture, because that is also freaky. Hope you don't mind, thanks! :)
FuzzyYak Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
absolutely phenominal!!!

fantastic, original and wonderfully painted art!

Linnet Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2004
Wow. It's too awesomely weird -not- to love. XDD
lissy Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2004
Incredible! I really love it. I'm on the same boat with you as far as the odd freekin dreams and needing to paint/draw them until they go away. I'm inspired to go dig those up now, finish em off and post em (:
tadashya Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2004   Digital Artist
may I ask what program(s) you used to create this? I first saw this on elfwood quite awhile ago and then happened across it again just yesterday and HAD to +fav it. I am so intrigued by the concept but I also would love to know how you get such wonderful textures!
ursulav Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2004
Sure--Painter 7, all the way! Mostly the textures are done with custom paper textures made from photos of crumbling concrete, requiring a digital camera and the ability to get really excited about the walls of parking structures...
tadashya Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2004   Digital Artist
LOL!! wonderful I just happen to have a digital camera. Looks like I need to get intimate with my nearest parking garage ;) Thanks for clueing me in on that I am just learning painter 8 and your advice/tips are very VERY appreciated! Thank you.
lady-chaos Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003  Student
Awesome! Hail the queen wasp!
realization Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2003
So many ideas and creativity...
burkina Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2003
wow, this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant put enough exclamation points to make you understnad how much i like this!! +fav for sure :D
huntergirl Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
excellent simply brillient!!!!!! :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile)
zeichnen Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2003
I thought you'd slipped something traditional in here from the thumbnail. How do you dream up these creatures??? And then bring them to life? You're a little scary! (Just kidding!) You're wonderfully imaginative and creative! And I'm thrilled that I ran across your gallery!

This is another wonderful piece, by the way! Can't wait to see more!
patrx Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
OMG At first I began to wonder why the wasp didn't have wings...then noticed the images in the grapes...prey or offspring?...mind boggling.
Saw one of your pieces on another's +fav and I think this will be a multi day visit, now..:D (Big Grin) Got to check it all out. Even the MetalandMagic. Lots of neat stuff! :) (Smile)
astrokitten Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2002  Student
Wow. :D (Big Grin)
I saw this on elfwood earlier and I was wondering if you had a deviant art gallery as well. joy. Heart
lie-eltae Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002
oh wow, that's freaky. i was looking at the thumbmail and going 'why is this is the dark section?', hehe well now i see:) (Smile) great idea! and the colors go so well together, making the piece even weirder by their brightness:D (Big Grin)
inulg Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
creeeeeepy :) (Smile) i thought it was just a plain grapes and silk background painting, but when i looked at the regular sized version...MANN! this is WEIRD! lol...i love your sense of humor about everything :) (Smile)
sprklfrg Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002
This is just great ... the detail is awesome and the grapes makes me never want to eat grapes again ...hehe awesome work :) (Smile)
eilidh Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002  Professional Digital Artist

After having been to metal&magic and reading your bio of some sorts, I just admire your skills even more... though I didn't think this was possible.
I love this piece.

What happened to the dustbunnies though?? =D (Big Grin)
voltball Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
this is not good, it is best.
i'm never gonna eat a grape again! *shivers*

greumach Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002
An amazing picture , even for you . All the Best
delirious-angel Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002
wow...great level of detail!
lobsterclaws Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002
... this is just.... weird! WTF? Crazy Psychotic

Love the grapes...

koosh-llama Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002   Filmographer
*longs for painter... and wcom tablet...*
man... clarity in dreams is always so strange... i wake up in this surreal daze, and can't quite make heads or tails of reality for a couple hours...

awsome digi-painting! you've really got a terrific sense of light and shading... the transluscence in the grapes is very nice....
delici0us Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002
holy... freeking... crap......

wow :o (Eek)

(and i never comment like that)

ariakitty Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is so radical....beautiful wasp...i'll never think about grapes in the same way.

sooo beautiful, the wasps patterns are to die for.
klawzie Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
That is so beautifully creepy. When I first opened the image, I didn't notice the fetuses, but after a double-take I was happily creeped out. :) (Smile) I think my favorite parts are the stone tablet and the wasp.

It makes me wonder what your subconcious was trying to tell you. oO;
smartmonkeee Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
oh wow.... is what dropped from my lips when i saw your image. what clarity,color and imagination you have. i cannot add more than what has already been stated.

+fav for sure!
twistedfire Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002   Traditional Artist
this is incerdible (as all your other work is too!) and i know where you're coming from with the twisted stick-in-your-brain images...i get them too. only i'm not able to articulate them nearly as beautifully as this :D (Big Grin)
eternally glad you're on my devwatch...can't wait to see more :D (Big Grin)
fizzgig Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2002
sweet. what a cool idea. don't think i'll be eating grapes for a while, though =) (Smile)
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