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March 27, 2006
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Marsupial Mango Tea by ursulav Marsupial Mango Tea by ursulav
There's probably no greater artistic sin than doing art in order to match your decor, but since my husband and I just bought our first house (madness!) and are painting the kitchen in the eye-searing colors that, after years of living in white-walled rentals, I am desperately craving, I am amusing myself with a return to the Red Wombat Tea Co. labels in those particular colors.

As I've said before, design is NOT my strong suit. I'm not sure about the dead space over the wombat--I don't want to fill it just to be filling it, it's busy enough already with those colors--but I don't quite know if it works. I considered putting in more text, for the fictional ice tea line this is part of--you know "Tropics of Tea" or "Wombat on Ice" or something, but it gets a little cluttered. I may fool with this one more, not sure. Thoughts welcome.

Since people seem to like the wombat tea labels for decor, I do have prints of this in $10 and $20 small and jumbo size! Send a note, or visit [link] for details. I take Paypal!

And now, perhaps the Squash has a tropical tea he wants to pimp...
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bula-2 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009  Hobbyist
u could move the wombat up a bit or move "presents" down a smidgen
Oscelot Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2006  Professional Artisan Crafter
*sigh* if I had the time and money, I would SO DEFINATELY try starting a tea company with you.. I'm not even kidding..
Autumn-Sun Featured By Owner May 19, 2006
Wow, this is really a great design. Hm, about the dead space, maybe make the word "presents" a bit larger? Or bump up the wombat, he does kind of crowd the text.
littleblackat Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2006
centering the word presents between the wombat and the border might do the trick. Amazing as always
SpyG Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Aiiiiiii!!!!! X3 Me likey!!!
thejackbull Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
o.O interesting idea
elindith Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006
are you kidding? this looks very proffesional, and it's even kind of funny although I never encountered anything that has to do with the red wombat tea co. before. you are a great designer. very creative thinking. I don't think you should fillthe space...
theblackwillow Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
ZoeSotet Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Pink wombats suit your decor? :O_o:
MissyLily Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2006
I have committed the grievous sin of painting to match my decor.
At least yours has a wombat.
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