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June 2, 2006
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The Fisher by ursulav The Fisher by ursulav
"Come with me," the man said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

"What possible good is that to me?" the fisher asked.

"The flesh of men
is not so sweet
as fresh-caught trout.

And fish may jerk and gasp and die upon the line--
but they do not whine.

You'll get no complaint from herring, mackerel, saradine--
but hook a man and he'll complain
on every slight he's ever suffered,
from the cradle to the grave.

You'll beg to throw him back.

It would be a better trick, entire,
to make men out of fishers."


Um. Yes. My apologies for descent into the wretched realms of free verse, but there was a distinct cadence in my head, and you suffer my doggerel as a result. Mea culpa! This is the price I pay for wringing My Little Dinosaurs out of my brain--it gets to do stuff like this, and it doesn't explain them to me at all. It's a follow-up to the Owl Saint, I guess. [link] They seem to be from the Plane? Chunk of grey matter? Religion?

Somebody's going to ask what creature this is supposed to be--fishing cat, Pomerian, Persian, fox, maybe a really poor rendering of that large weasel called a fisher--and the answer is, it isn't. It's nothing in specific. It's not an anthro animal in the conventional sense, it's just another thing from my head trying to look wrong the right way.

If you locate a meaning, I hope you brought enough to share with the whole class.

Anyway, digital, Painter 7 and Wacom prints available for $10 for small, and another LE run of 25 on the jumbos, for $45 plus shipping. Send a note, or visit [link] for details.
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I have featured this image. [link] :sun:
I love everything about this one. From the delicious details on the stone (metal?), to the sinister look in its eyes while it looks at those fish ("Oh yeah, you're gonna get your shit eaten, buddy, best protect ya neck!"), to its dainty little hands, to how old and rotten that "fishing pole" looks, to the illusion of it having only two limbs (I can see that it's got legs of a fashion, but the ommision of feet makes something deliciously creepy take place)...and to how it seems to be wearing some kind of cowl over a human-like face (just me? Anyone else seeing it? No? Aww...).

Love it. Love it to bits.
That's no animal. But, I wouldn't call it human. I'd say that just as there is a distance between the beasts and us, there is distance between us and God. Whatever this creature is, it occupties that distance...
Or not. Maybe somebody just flushed their chinhilla one day, and it grew into a fish-eating sewer monster, eventualy escaping into another dimension where its talents are appreciated.

I LOVE how natural your supernatural/weird stuff looks!
These figures remind me of the story of Pocahontas...
not the cutesie Disney version, but something darker...
perhaps if it was handed over to Tim Burton, or something.
I LOVE THIS. :tighthug:
he look very very cool, a bit evil though. xD
is he a cat-ape?
I like its eyes and hands alott.
Its really awesome.
Overstone Jan 27, 2008  Professional General Artist
This is Fantastic
oh my god! I love your works!!!:D
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